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Why Capital Roofing & Construction? 

Choosing your roofing and construction contractor is no small undertaking.   Roofs and construction projects are expensive investments and you want to know they are getting done right.   You also want to know you are getting the best value possible.   It’s easy to understand why people are tempted to choose bigger, more established companies over smaller ones.   However, depending on your values and priorities, we may be just what you are looking for.  We'll deliver what you're looking for if you want a roofing experience that includes...

High-Quality Materials

We use the best quality materials and installation at the most affordable price point available in the area. We could offer cheaper prices by lowering our standards on material or workmanship; we could overcharge and try to convince you to spend way more than necessary on bells and whistles. But we've decided we want to be the company that offers the best bang for your buck (so to speak). We want to give you high-quality workmanship, with high quality material that is worth every penny you spend on it.


We pride ourselves on being a company with unparalleled integrity and follow through.  Unfortunately, honest contractors are harder and harder to come by these days, but as you'll see from our references and reviews, we will stand by our work and our word. We have sacrificed thousands of dollars going above and beyond for our customers.

A Personal Experience

We highly value your trust and strive to show you how important you and your project are to us!  You are not just another job. You are the reason we can do what we love and you are our priority.

Supporting a Family-Owned Business

Your business helps us provide for our family. We are not a big company with a lot of overhead. Your projects directly help us to put food on the table and provide shelter and education for our kids (and we have a few of them...)

Putting Your Money into the Local Economy

We are your neighbors. We have kids in school with your kids. We eat out at the restaurants you go to. We will keep your money here in our local community and support your businesses too.

About Us

Janelle and Luis started this roofing business to pursue their dream of being entrepreneurs, to support their six kiddos and teach them the ropes of running a company, and to serve their community with exceptional customer service, attention to detail and high quality workmanship at an affordable cost. 

Everyone deserves a chance to have a smooth and relaxing roofing experience so we are excited to be your "project paradise"

When you choose Capital Roofing and Construction, it’s all about YOU. 

Luis and Janelle are a husband and wife partnership who come from complementary backgrounds which give YOU the opportunity to work with a balanced competent team.  

They believe that getting a new roof is stressful enough, and by providing transparent communication and detailed information, and by acting with integrity and honesty, we hope to give you a roof replacement experience that is smooth and relaxing from start to finish.

We Believe

In ABUNDANCE- There is enough work for everyone in the community and we believe working together will get us further than everyone fending for themselves.

In INTEGRITY-  Most people are not roof experts.   Just as you have to trust your doctor or your mechanic, you have to be able to trust your roofer to be honest with you about what is needed and what isn’t.   We will give you a thorough and truthful assessment about the issues with your roof, provide frank recommendations and follow through with what we promise every time.

In GENEROSITY-  We believe in giving our workers more than fair wages, making them a part of our company family and supporting them in the pursuit of their dreams.   We volunteer in the community and donate regularly to help the marginalized.  

In ACCESSIBILITY-  Your roof is not a luxury item- it is a necessity.  We believe everyone has a right to a solid roof over their head and we are committed to do all we can to provide affordable estimates that provide quality labor and materials.  Affordable should not mean cheap work.   We know everyone has a story, whether you are a senior, a veteran, a single parent, or some other background, so we try to provide the best prices we can to everyone.   Please let us know if you need to work out a payment plan or alternate payment options and we can try our best to accommodate.

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